The look I love: a neutral fall palette

I am not really one to follow trends in clothing or home decor. Notice how I even said “clothing”? I can’t even call it fashion. Unless you consider sweatshirts fashionable 🙂  And we all know that trends come and go.  Design experts advise if you are in it for the long haul, stick with the classics.  All though I agree with that sentiment, I think it is important to choose items that speak to you whether they are a new trend or not.  Find what makes you happy!

wood, galvanized, and lots of white

Over the last year, I have noticed how many of my favorite home decor items I actually got years and years ago.  There are certain items that when I saw them, they just felt like “me”!  These pictures were my first home decor purchase after college. Even though they came from IKEA and were pretty inexpensive, it felt like such an extravagant purchase on my tight budget.  But I told my roommates at the time that someday I was going to hang those pictures in my kitchen when I had my own home. 12 years later, I still love them as much as I did the first time I saw them in the store. And they have hung in the kitchen of every house we have owned!

The colors I find I am most drawn to are cool, clean colors; variations of green, white, blue, and grey. Add in warm, wood tones and for me, it is the perfect mix.  Because of those colors, I think my house looks best in the spring, when the colors in my house echo the colors of nature.  But I do enjoy adding seasonal touches to my decor.  By adding in various textures, it is possible to change the look to match the season without adding the traditional orange and red colors.  Adding burlap, leaves, pinecones, and cozy fabrics help add to that fall feeling.

Jamie from Anderson + Grant collected inspiration from some of my favorite bloggers to showcase a rustic, blue, green, and white fall palette.  I love the neutral colors with tons of texture and natural accents.  And the best part, walk outside your front door and you can find fabulous fall decor for free!


Grab yourself a cup of coffee, or tea if that’s your… cup of tea 🙂  because you are about to see some major eye candy!  Enjoy!

This look has inspired me and I am planning to work on some more fall decor today!  A few weeks ago I gathered some pinecones and have been waiting for the perfect time to add them to my decor.    I still need to step outside and grab some leaves and then I am ready to put my spin on fall. I hope to share pictures next week.  How about you?  Do you love a neutral fall palette or are you a traditionalist?

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  1. Loving your blog so far! I can always use help in the home decor department and can’t wait to see more! More pics please! 🙂

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